Conference Proceedings of the Innovation for Development: Frontiers of Research, Policy
and Practice Symposium

Conference Organizer and Host: University of Witwatersrand

Conference Location and Date: University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa,
24-26 February 2010

Published February 2010

ISBN 978-0-620-47279-1


Papers and Presentations:

We are pleased to advise that we attracted a number of high quality presentations and papers from across the globe. There are a total of thirty four papers and presentations made up of:  twenty seven academic papers and seven keynote presentations, including by Professor Calestous Juma, Harvard; Professor Anil Gupta, Indian Institute of Management; Professor Raphael Kaplinsky, Open University, Professor Judith Sutz, Universidad de la República, Uruguay, Professor Derek Keats, Wits University and Carlota Perez renowned economic and technological historian and analyst. Dr Mamphela Ramphele, Chair of the Technology Innovation Agency has accepted our invitation to provide the Opening Keynote address. The academic paper presentations were complemented by a development partners roundtable, private sector panel, policy roundtable and several activities open to the general public including a public lecture by Professor Anil Gupta and a public debate on creating an innovation culture in South Africa.


Individual papers or panels covered the following themes:


Innovation and Development:setting the agenda

  - Impact of innovation for development

  - Connection and disconnection – bridging development and innovation studies

  - Politics of knowledge production

  - Rethinking the development project by integrating innovation

  - Theorising and measuring contribution of innovation to development 

  - Strengthening advocacy for the role of innovation in development

  - Role of innovation as a catalyst for clean technologies and sustainability

Dynamics of Innovation in developing countries: Innovation outcomes

   - Alternative measurement of innovation

  - Improved understanding of learning processes for capability building and innovation at the firm

    level, including sectoral specificities ( biotechnology, energy, agriculture, forestry, livestock,              natural resources, mining, telecoms, IT, infrastructure, leisure, culture and entertainment)

  - Knowledge and technology acquisition by developing country firms, what core competencies are


  - Open innovation systems and models

  - Innovation in rural and informal settings

  - Innovation and protection of indigenous knowledge systems

Generate promote and support innovation in developing countries: practice and policy

  - Building capacity to promote and manage innovation in developing countries 

  - Case studies of innovation management and policy formulation

  - Review of the approaches by multilateral agencies and bilateral donors 

  - Updates on donor strategies in funding technological capability building 

  - Comparative analysis of various models of funding innovation

  - Private sector firms as funders of innovation in developing countries

  - Likely impact of global recessions on private and public sector funding of innovation

  - Managing and promoting innovation at the city and regional level


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Theme 1: Innovation and Development: setting the agenda

Theme 2: Dynamics of innovation in developing countries: innovation outcomes

Theme 3: Generate, promote and support innovation in developing countries: practice and policy

Emerging Scholars